Swimwear Trends 2008-2009

By Summer Fisher

Getting ready for the hot weather? Let us take a look at what we can expect in Swimwear trends for 2008/2009.


First lets talk colour and prints. Fuchsia is huge this season as well as jewel tones including emerald, purple and sapphire blue. Geometrics, African prints and a touch of metallic bling are all making an appearance on the international catwalks. Of course we can not forget that nothing epitomises poolside glamour like a classic black swimsuit. As Kerry McCallum, editor of Shop Till You Drop recently remarked when asked on tips for buying a swimsuit this summer.

A black halter-neck on-piece. I am loving the revival of the on-piece I think its chic and glamorous.

While the return of the classic one-piece is evident, variations on this style including cut-outs, monokinis and stylish maillots will be gracing poolside and shorelines in a modern chic fashion. Also taking a front seat will be lower leg lines embracing a retro look in an updated way.

Who are the brands to watch out for? Swimwear has previously been dominated by the surf giants of the fashion world and although surf brands will always have their place, the recent acquisition of Tigerlily by surfwear giant Billabong proves that swimwear fashion is being taken more seriously.

Busy Summer is making all the right waves in Australia and seems to be hitting a chord worldwide. With the backing of Ugg boots Australia fashion agent, and a favourite with swimwear models this brand is certainly one to watch.

Losing grounds are brands such as Wicked Weasel, Malibu Strings and other micro bikini specialists. Popular in the earlier part of this decade, swimwear that leaves little to the imagination is not capturing the imagination of modern fashionistas.

So now your equipped with everything you need to know about swimwear trends for the 2008/2009 season, now all you have to do is head down to your local gym and perfect that bikini body.

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Summer Fisher is an Australian designer, stylist and former model who has her own swimwear and clothing line "Busy Summer". She enjoys sharing her knowledge about fashion, modeling, health & beauty and designing for the fashion conscious woman who wants a high fashion look at an affordable price. Find out more about her and her label at

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28 October 2008

Photograph credit: © Liu Nian | Dreamstime.com

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