Bikini Styles An Overview

By Dexter James

The arrival of bikini, more than sixty years ago, gave a completely different look and orientation to the fashion world. Though taken with a shock initially, its exciting and sexy look didn't allow the fashion buffs to keep their attention at bay for long. It succeeded comprehensively to win over the heart of those who wanted to give their body a raunchy look.

Hence, the designers didn't leave any stone unturned to cater to the needs of the adventurous swimmers .Hopefully, the following texts may help bikini lovers to select a suitable womens beach wear for them.



String Bikini: It is nothing but a classic combination of small pieces of fabric and strings. The tops have two pieces of strings with one on each end. The bottoms are made of two small fabric attached-at-the-groin triangles. These pieces are connected to strings which run around the waistline.


Tankini: Called by many as a modest bikini, it consists of a common bikini bottom and a tank top. The tankini covers everything from under the armpits to the navel.

Maternity Tankini: It is especially designed for pregnant ladies. The lower part of the tank top is cut into two halves which makes the naval visible.

Sports Bikini: Used by beach volleyball players only and some other athletes.

Sling Bikini: Also known as "slingshot", it is, more or less, only a bottom bikini. It is attached to strings or straps which go upwards to join near the neck. In the process, they cover the breasts. Definitely, it is clear that the straps don't hang around the waistline.

Microkini: This variation, regarded by many as next to nudity, uses a piece of cloth that is capable to cover genitals only. It is attached to an elongated strip that is suspended around the waistline.


Pubkini: It is the extreme form of microkini. Mostly used by adult cinema actresses and dancers. It has the least use of fabric.

Monokini: A bikini without its top is called monokini. It is used mostly while sunbathing. But darers try it often in swimming pools.
Date: 12-08-2008

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